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Eric Ristow

About Me

Hello! My name is Eric Ristow and I am currently employed as a news producer with WEWS-TV, the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio.

I have worked for WEWS for more than six years now. Currently, I produce for the Emmy award winning morning show, Good Morning Cleveland.

After graduating from college at Kent State University, I was hired by WEWS as an associate producer, working overnight on our weekday morning show. After a little less than two years at that position, I was promoted to a producer for the weekend newscast, Good Morning Cleveland Saturday.

Our weekend morning show was very new. We had just been on the air for little over a year when I became the producer for the show. Management at the station gave me lots of creative flexibility to try anything I wanted to help shape the show and get to know our weekend morning audience. This was very exciting because it allowed me to think outside the box and try things I would not normally try. After less than a year as producer, our ratings continued to grow as we found out what our viewers liked. The show was also awarded the prestigious honor of a regional EMMY for Best Weekend Newscast, Markets 1-20 in the Great Lakes Region. This was very humbling to me as our new show not only beat out every weekend newscast in the market.

One of my favorite projects at WEWS was the creation of a Browns Mobilecast that aired on our mobile app. I am a big sports fan, so when E.W. Scripps gave me the opportunity to create and produce the show, I was thrilled. Scripps was very supportive every step of the way allowing us to purchase anything we needed. The ultimate result was our web and mobile show, DAWGS On The Run. The show is an interactive mobilecast that allows our viewers to connect with us and talk about the Browns following every game. Our sports director, Andy Baskin and sports anchor, Mike Cairns host the show with an array of guests including former Browns kick Returner Josh Cribbs who evaluate and dissect every game. The mobilecast is all about the viewers. Fans can call or Skype into our show to talk about the Browns with our hosts or guests. The show has No Rules and every show has a funny twist to it. During the show, I am the producer and referee. I set up all the guests prior to the show and pick all the topics. I also chime in time to time with comments and officiate any funny business. The mobilecast really is unique and is the highlight of my week.

I have learned a lot in my six years at WEWS. I have a great interest in catering my shows to what the viewer wants. When I produced news in the morning that meant helping our viewers plan their day. So I produced a utility newscast that allowed viewers to get the news they needed to know before they headed to work or took the kids to school. Some of the things I considered when choosing a story were: Does it save you money? Does it protect your family? Are you going to be the first to know? Does it help you plan your day or weekend? Are there easy to remember tips? Does it make you feel smarter? Will you want to tell someone about it? And finally, is it memorable?

In terms of writing, I believe in story-telling and writing to the human condition. You want to grab the viewer and make them care. An Associated Press wire copy does not do that. You have to craft it so your viewers cannot turn off the television until you are finished with the story. I also have a great interest in making shows more visual for viewers. Although TV is a listening platform and a lot of people listen to the news while doing other tasks, I believe the visual elements are an important key. I am always willing to learn more and find different ways to really dress up a show.

Click on the tabs above to view my work. Please contact me if you need any further information. Thank You.